• The GARO Entity platform expanded with new engine heater

    The GARO Entity platform expanded with new engine heater

    The GARO Entity family of products has now been supplemented with the launch of the GARO Entity Heat, an engine heater designed and constructed to the same technical specifications as the rest of the product range.

  • Reassuringly designed.

    Reassuringly designed.

    Discover GARO Entity. A wallbox you can rely on no matter where you are. Safe, smart and cost-efficient charging exactly where you need it.

  • Are you building a house?

    Are you building a house?

    GARO’s market-leading meter cabinets can be mounted in a recess in or directly on the facade, mounted on a post or installed in the ground. Our recessed meter cabinet blends seamlessly with your house facade and is available in black, white, grey or Falun red. What’s more, if you want to truly personalise your meter cabinet, you can choose any colour in the RAL system.

A new classic at home

A new classic at home

A box of power has arrived.

The new GARO Entity Compact wallbox makes charging at home both a breeze and a given. It can charge all cars, the charging process is easily controlled via the GARO Connect app or your charging tag and the minimalist design makes it easy to place wherever you like. The wallbox also features integrated protection and has been thoroughly tested, enabling you to charge safely and securely at home around the clock.

Things have never been easier!

Durable, well-designed, intelligent, user-friendly and future-proof. There are high expectations for the products and solutions of the future, and we enjoy the challenges this presents. Making things easier and more convenient for you is always a central theme when developing and expanding our offering. An equally given and central theme is our green approach – the environmental impact of our products should be as low as possible. This is why we have chosen to invest more than ever in development and innovation, because novel approaches and new technologies offer opportunities to both simplify things and reduce environmental footprints. Join us in welcoming the next generation of products and solutions.

Create a world class-cooperative

Create a world class-cooperative

Allow us to present the wallbox that cooperative property owners and residents alike will simply love. Packaged in a minimalist design, GARO Entity Pro can charge all car models and provides a flexible solution for the future. Combined with the GARO Connect app, it offers your housing cooperative a turnkey solution for simple and environmentally aware everyday living.

A smarter campsite

Living sustainably is becoming increasingly important for increasingly more people – whether at home or on holiday. GARO’s campsite charging stations boast integrated charging outlets in the same post as the power outlets, enabling campsite owners to combine safety, environmental concerns and profitability. Naturally, our charging posts are designed to be able to charge the myriad electric vehicles your camping guests drive.

Safe charging ought to be a given

Safe charging in any environment
Control your engine heater from your mobile

Control your engine heater from your mobile

GARO’s engine heater kit for home use enables you to easily control your engine heater from a mobile app. The only thing you need to do is to decide when you want to start your trip, then punch that time into the app, sit back and relax. The kit detects the outdoor temperature and starts the engine heater at the appropriate time so that everything is just about the right temperature when it is time for you to leave. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.